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A VIDEO MESSAGE FROM NPC BODYBUILDER C. THUNDER 341.7LBS "The Raging Bodybuilder Beast from The East!!"

For many years I have been told I can't when I could. For so many years I have been told you won't but I would. I accept no limitations as I strive to be the best that I can be. Realizing that the biggest "Haters" out there, are the ones that add negativity to the Quest. If you have to think about it, I'm talkin about you.

I will not accept ANYTHING I have not worked for. I will not accept any limitations or boundaries others may try and hold me to. I LEAD a path others struggle to follow. I will Defy the Odds!

From a 26 Year Old 137.3lb Adult, to today, a 353.9lb NPC Global Super Heavyweight Bodybuilder, "The Raging Bodybuilder Beast from The East!" that responded to
9-1-1 and Hurricane Katrina. In the last 2 and a half years, I have been featured in 22 Major Bodybuilding Magazines, 7 Major Catalogs, 4 Major Calendars and 32 Newspapers in the last two and a half years alone, and I have my family, friends and my Professional Bodybuilding Friends to thank for that.

You have entered the “Judgment Free Zone” Home to The Music Endowment for Kids!!, The Susan G. Coleman “Race for the Cure” Breast Cancer Fundraiser, to HRT Consultants (Testosterone, HGH, Winstrol) to my Novel- “UNSTOPPABLE-”Who’s Watching Who?” along with a Number Two Internet Clothing Line for Kids Charity.

Enjoy the site.

TRAIN HARD, EAT RIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT, because ,"If the Bar Ain't Bendin, You're Just Pretendin!!"
C. Thunder
(Mr. Walter L. Edwards II, Esq.)

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